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Every encounter with any customer begins with a logo and the design is very important, it has to reflect the basic integrity of a business, it has to showcase the businesses ideals and aspirations for itself and that of it’s customers, and in some case can make or break a business as it can symbolise weaknesses as well as strengths.

We at Qudos Design understand the importance of evolving your ideas for your company image into a brand that is emblematic of your business, we will commit ourselves into researching your company values, it’s business sector and where you will be placed within it to create a bespoke logo that has a perfected, spot-on design that will empower your brand to aim higher than the competition.

Whether you need a logo for a new venture or want to revive an old brand with a bit of design evolution, our logo designers have just the right branding skills and ability to present your company with the correct logo design it should have, one hopefully iconic enough to become a legendary brand.

We'd like to think that the words and pictures in our designs combine into compelling viewing to entice targeted consumers in a relevant way that is effective in reaching a large portion of your customer base.

Some marketeers think that ‘print is dying’ but just take a look at any magazine section in a shop and you'll realise it's far from dead. The most successful campaigns utilise a combination of 'on' and 'off-line' consumer and/or business touch points that are utilised effectively as a part of an overall marketing strategy, hence we also offer digital advertising design in conjunction with press formats.

Whether you advertise in a local or national newspaper, a specialist or mainstream magazine, in a quarter, half or full page, one thing we know is that print advertising is going nowhere and we can help you take advantage of it. Our advertising design services include art direction, copy writing, advertorials, photography and illustration to create an engaging targeted campaign that your customers will respond to.

There is nothing more special in business communications than a beautiful & memorable brochure design, our designs are meant to be a hard working part of your marketing communications palette, they can be a work of art, a portable advert that can be talked over, so well designed that they want to be kept, they can make a statement.

We can be creative with designs and formats, life doesn’t conform to A4 so why should your brochure. How about a design format to please all senses, as well as be visually engaging – brochures can be tactile and evoke emotions with alternative papers, print and finishing techniques.

We always love it when we get a brochure design come into the studio, they are always great to get one’s teeth into and stretch those creative legs, we like to visualise your companies story with visual metaphors that are compelling and relevant to your target audience, something memorable.

We can work on small promotional leaflets right up to large annual reports and catalogues. We can take you through every stage of your brochure design process, from brief to concept visuals, the design development and final artwork to inspire target audiences reactions.

Packaging design is one of our favourite projects we like to work on. It can bring a combination of branding, illustration, photography and typography together on a 3D structure, although generally not all at once though as every packaging design is as unique as the product it contains.

We are equally happy to take on both food and non-food packaging products and like to create creative and functional packaging, no more happier when making a mess working out some structural cardboard engineering design solution.

Our packaging designs ensure that key messages and benefits are visible across the correct plane of a package design and that the design positioning is right for your products success, after all you spent a huge amount of work getting your product right and we aim to do it justice.

The design process varies from project to project, but we will always take into account the packaging filling system, format and handling for transportation, the way it is used and abandoned after use and make sure it is seen as the best, most engaging brand-on-shelf. Our packaging goes beyond just protecting and preserving your products.

Marketing is the heartbeat of any business and our mission is to be your in-house design agency and offer ‘design for marketing’ as a service to you. 

You have created a marketing strategy, we have the visual skills to convey those ideas into form. We have the ability and expertise to tackle a broad spectrum of marketing design communications from creating highly visual and engaging literature and direct mail campaigns, through to print and digital advertising. We can also do the day-to-day design projects and turn them into eye-catching design that's on message and impactful (within any brand guidelines).

We will create engaging marketing designs to fit your target audience, we can help you identify new marketing activities that could increase sales. Ultimately, if you succeed then so do we. So we listen and guide you to ensure your marketing materials can stand out in this jumbled world.

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